Using Google Hangouts | #gafesummit

It’s been a busy week of educational conferences this week across New Zealand – I challenge anyone to say teachers have ‘holidays’! This is the first conference post this week, from the Edtech Google summit in Auckland where I managed to pop in for a day, connect with some fabulous folk there about Connected Educator […]

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The myth of the average

“What good is the best technology in the world if you can’t reach the instruments when you need them the most?” – Todd Rose, Harvard A thought provoking TEDx talk from Todd Rose. Designing cockpits for the mythical ‘average pilot’ presents an interesting metaphor for how schools sometimes think about designing learning for students and teachers. […]

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On the horizon for K-12 | 2013

This year’s Horizon Report K-12 is out now…Check out the introductory video below: It’s always useful to look up beyond the parapet at international shifts and trends and consider what the implications might be for educators and students. And then we ask ourselves,’ so what?’ What does this mean for me, my school, my students? […]

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How to create a great password

A simple but effective tip a friend shared the other day, based on advice from a cybersecurity event: Think of a line from your favourite song. For example, ‘love will tear us apart again’ (a particular favourite of mine from Joy Division – but not the one I chose;-) Add a punctuation mark e.g. ! […]

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ICT and learning: 5 myths – busted!

A recent conference I attended was a hotbed of exciting ideas, inspirational speakers and wonderful stories. Many of these focused on how to make the most of what technology can offer the learner. But whispered amongst the enthusiastic conversation and bubbling excitement, there lurked a handful of myths. Myths that need busting. MYTH 1: All […]

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Can you explain my mail?

This came to me, hand delivered, yesterday. Nearly two sides of handwritten letter on a sheet of A4 refill. In a day when pretty much everything I read is digitally produced, I can’t recall when I last saw such a sustained, handwritten piece, certainly not a letter. But what makes this so surprising is that […]

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The Christchurch earthquake – and the tragedy unfolding in its wake – has stunned us all. But, in between the stories of bravery, local heroism and national response, there have been occasional moments where something has caught my attention because it is odd or unusual. For me, it was the moment in Parliament on Tuesday […]

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