Can you explain my mail?

This came to me, hand delivered, yesterday. Nearly two sides of handwritten letter on a sheet of A4 refill.

In a day when pretty much everything I read is digitally produced, I can’t recall when I last saw such a sustained, handwritten piece, certainly not a letter.

But what makes this so surprising is that this is a generic letter, addressed to ‘Dear Neighbour’, urging me to consider opening my heart to the Bible. It’s not the context that surprises me, it’s that this must surely be one of many letters delivered to people.

The mind boggles. Who is painstakingly writing out letter after letter?

Is it a penance? Is it a way of serving God? Is this an example of the ‘digital divide’, where they have no access to a computer/printer?

I almost feel like responding just to find out.

And maybe that’s the point;-)

One thought on “Can you explain my mail?

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