Selected testimonials

 “The best deconstruction of myth and buzzwords I’ve ever seen. Should be compulsory work for anyone thinking about doing 21st Century stuff.” – CORE Breakfast session, Nov. 2015

“In many ways, this was a perfect closing to uLearn16: synthesising the key themes of the conference and drawing together some superb advice for working in praxis. Karen acknowledged poetically the essence of teaching, affirming that getting better at what we do is part of our DNA and that methods matter. She also affirmed that the greatest difference to student achievement is teachers. Teachers’ beliefs are fundamentally important.” — ULearn16 Keynote — plus impact via social media.

“I thought it was a great session… invigorating, interesting and exciting. [It was] very relevant, and extremely well prepared. You have taken into account different learning styles, lots of terrific resources. You certainly practice what you preach. Thank you.” – Wellington Secondary School, February 2016

“Exciting and thought-provoking [session which] created steps and provided tools for learning” – “Well considered with developed concepts” – “Fantastic workshop, excellent resources and evidence. Your enthusiasm is contagious” — ULearn15 workshop.

“I came to Karen’s seminar today… it was superb. The content was new and vibrant and relevant, the delivery was wonderful and consummately professional. This was the best the strongest and most useful PD I went to in 2015. Thank you so much”  – CORE Breakfast, 2015…also: Comments and impact statements on Twitter

“This has been a feast of a day…Karen’s energising and thought provoking thought on English classrooms today [gave me] lots to think about for programmes and choice.” – delegate via English Online, NZATE keynote, July 2015.

“Extremely relevant – great to focus in on designing lessons for all students that are real, authentic and engaging; where students gain more responsibility for their learning; have challenge and choice; experience more collaboration and connection, including the worlds out their classrooms. The interactive activities talking about our ‘apples’ at the ends of our learner spectrum was valuable; the look at [other] initiatives inspiring – I have already discussed what this could look like it Y9 Maths… Karen was fantastic, [an] interesting speaker who challenged us to think about the core areas of teaching and also how to use digital technology to enhance that learning. For example: how to ensure student is at centre of learning and engaged in real, authentic and meaningful learning. Very useful info redesigning more engaging and meaningful lessons, very good having to reflect on our more tricky students and designing lessons with them in mind first.  Karen was awesome, very enthusiastic and knowledgeable”  — a selection of comments from delegates at Whanganui workshop, May 2015

“If I learn nothing else today, it was worth coming for your keynote alone. I feel completely inspired.” – delegate, Whanganui Cluster, May 2015

“A great day! Staff all commented on how they had an enjoyable day (never heard them say that about PD!) they liked the pace, they all have new things to try, they will carry on reflecting on learning direction first – then driving tools next. My new mantra “how are you going to step them up to deeper thinking?” You are doing a fantastic service for better learning.” – Wellington primary school, June 2014

” I have had so much positive feedback from everyone…they just loved you! Lots of inspired teachers.  I know the leadership team really enjoyed working with. Many comments about it was the best PD they have had for a long time :-). We have had a great start to the term.” – JL, School ToD, Jan 2014

“I came to one of your breakfast sessions end of last year and hadn’t felt as inspired for years!” – Teacher, Wellington primary school, Jan 2014

“Thanks again for the inspiring PD session today. It was just the right discussion at just the right stage of our strategic planning.” – JZ, CORE Breakfast, 2013

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“Thank you for your good advice. I have been digesting it and thinking about where to next with framing my side project of Effective Literacy Practice…Why I am emailing you now is to thank you again for your ULearn talk [2013].  Through you I have been reading and watching Simon Sinek and reflecting on what he has to say and what I want to achieve… When I am being pushed to focus on numbers as data and the push to improve the numbers next year, I will need to remember the people ( the kids, the parents and the teachers). Many thanks again for your advice and insight.” – HM, Oct13

“Hi Karen – I attended your spotlight session, ‘Punch above your weight’, last week. I was wondering if you knew when the recording was going to be available online. You said a couple of things about professional learning that really struck a chord with me, and I would love to share some of your insights with my team.  Cheers,  SW, 2012

“Karen was fantastic and has given me so much to think about.” – Digital Daze Keynote, 2012

“Thanks heaps. Was the best breakout I went to. You were truly inspirational and in touch with what teachers need. Again, thank you :) “ – ULearn 2012

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