Presenting & consultancy

“Wonderful , inspiring, reassuring and super professional…A great, funny way to end the day. Was uplifting, and just on the right note. Great presenting style.” — feedback on the Wellington Loop keynote address (2018)

An engaging and highly experienced presenter and facilitator, both online and face-to-face.Talk to me about educational workshops, speaking engagement and consultancy.

We can explore:

  • Leading for change: Transforming and sustaining learning with learners at the heart.
  • Powerful professional learning design that will take your teams with you.
  • Inclusive design: Redesign learning and leading for a more inclusive, connected approach.
  • Digital tech & curriculum strategic planning for leaders and schools; integrate technologies powerfully in learner-centred curriculum and pedagogy – and when we shouldn’t.
  • Online community design: From ideation to facilitation, social networks and connectivity— when it works, when it doesn’t.


Selected engagements


  • Invitee — Education Symposium, Wellbeing and Key Competencies (Ministry of Education)
  • Member —National working party developing the PLD priorities (Ministry of Education)
  • Education Central panel exploring the ‘Tomorrow’s Schools Review’ (February 2019)
  • Whole staff facilitation focused on inclusive practice, Nexus International School, Singapore (January 2019)


  • Panelist, CORE Education Accelerator (June 2018)
  • LoopED conference (June 2018) – keynote
  • Invited panelist, 21C Skills Lab event (March 2018)


  • Hawkes Bay Literacy Association (November 2017)
  • Wellington Loop Breakfast (October 2017)
  • NASDAP National Conference (August 2017)  – keynote
  • International Schools’ NZ Conference (May 2017) – keynote
  • Energise Conference, Queenstown (April 2017)
  • Education Law Symposium (March 2017)




  • Connected Educator Month NZ (Oct 2014)
  • SpringboardTrust, Alumni Learning Platform (Oct 2014)
  • ULearn14 (Oct 2014)
  • #edchatnz conference [closing keynote] (August 2014)
  • DEANZ14 Conference (April 2014)
  • GAFE Summit (Auckland)
  • Ministry / Connecting to the N4L managed network webinars (March 2014)
  • Festival of Education (Wellington, 2014)
  • Learning@School Roadshow
  • CORE Breakfasts 2014 (Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin): Digitising professional learning
  • NZTA Christchurch & Nelson; English resources (workshops)
  • NZTA Secondary and Primary Schools’ (Chair)
  • Southern Schools Cluster (Dunedin, Jan 2014)
  • Selected schools: Red Beach, Medbury Prep, Worser Bay, Clifton Terrace, Owhiro Bay



Videos from the CORE Education EdTalks media team on exciting e-learning projects that I’ve been involved in, on behalf of the Ministry of Education (New Zealand) – and also on CORE’s 10 trends:




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