Effective modern leadership

We all carry pictures in our minds of what we think great leaders look like. But how far do our actions reflect ‘what works’ or are we just winging it day by day? Perhaps you imagine a good leader as a firm but fair person, bestriding the corridors, or a new broom with a hundred […]

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Coaching — PD to transform leaders

When we think of coaching, sporting metaphors often spring to mind. We think of players being ‘coached from the sidelines’. They are supported by someone who is pushing them to do their best, sharing tips and advice. Coaches often stay with players for years, forming strong relationships and helping them grow as professionals. They meet […]

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Of policy and practice

Nature abhors a vacuum, so the saying goes. And right now, we are in the calm eye of the storm when it comes to education policy in New Zealand. While some policies have been abruptly swept to the wall (such as National Standards, charter schools), others are still waiting to hatch. With no fewer than 16 […]

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