Using Google Hangouts | #gafesummit

It’s been a busy week of educational conferences this week across New Zealand – I challenge anyone to say teachers have ‘holidays’!

This is the first conference post this week, from the Edtech Google summit in Auckland where I managed to pop in for a day, connect with some fabulous folk there about Connected Educator Month (more on that soon) and share a wee session on using Google Hangouts for

  • synchronous learning and meetings
  • facilitating and recording blended professional learning approaches – multi opportunities to access learning can help give effect to the principles of Universal Design for Learning
  • connecting learners to other learners and ‘experts’ in the global community
  • …or starting your own TV channel;)

Slides appear below and a comparison of the two types of hangouts that Google+ offers.

Useful resources

Get involved

  • TeachMeetNZ: a regular hangout for NZ educators
  • Connected Educator Month: register your interest in being part of this global, national calendar of events – which will include hangouts;)


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