How to create a great password

A simple but effective tip a friend shared the other day, based on advice from a cybersecurity event:

  • Think of a line from your favourite song. For example, ‘love will tear us apart again’ (a particular favourite of mine from Joy Division – but not the one I chose;-)
  • Add a punctuation mark e.g. ! or ?
  • In brackets/parentheses, write the name of the application that the password is for (e.g. (Google)

And your new, highly memorable password is: lwtuaa!(Gmail)

For each application, just change the word in brackets: lwtuaa!(Jing)……..lwtuaa!(Diigo)……etc.

Just remember not to start singing out loud…

[Image source: ‘Silence’ –  Sergio Béjar]


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  1. Lots of great tips. Heard another one the other day and would love some feedback. Have a generic word e.g. app1e . For all of the different passwords that we have . e.g westpac- take first letter, add in the generic word and end it with the last letter so.. wapp1ep . How is that? easy to remember? safe? fits all? What would the experts say?


  2. A great idea, I always have trouble deciding on a password that 1. i can remember and 2. meets the security requirements. Thanks so much


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