Moving on …


After twelve years as a consultant, facilitator, project leader, director…., I am going back to school. At a time when it is common to hear of educators leaving the profession or moving out of school into other kinds of roles and careers, I’m heading upstream, back the other way.

I’m excited to have been appointed to the role of Deputy Principal at Wellington High School —Te Kura Tuarua o Taraika ki Pukeahu, and I start in a couple of weeks. It feels like a good soul choice, and I’m hoping the muscle memory of school life will kick back in.

I have missed the rhythm of school, belonging to a local community, being part of a team, and spending time with young people. I have missed being immersed in the front line work alongside teenagers, finding their way.

I’ll be honest — there is a feeling of trepidation too, about the pace, the relentless nature of the work, the shift back to a more timetabled life. There will be other challenges too, I’m sure.

I have had just under a year at Netsafe, during a really exciting start-up time and that has been a wonderful opportunity to get stuck into the education programme there. Such urgent and necessary work.

But, for me, it’s time to swim against the tide … and return to the heart of education.

I’ll keep you posted. Wish me luck!

Image source: Swimming Against Tide Stock, by mr jorge cruz from cary.



16 thoughts on “Moving on …

  1. All the very, very best Karen. They are a very lucky school and I’m sure it will not be long before your ‘school muscle’ kicks back in. Go knock their socks off. Kia pai to huarahi hou. XX


  2. I hope you keep blogging Karen. It will be fascinating to follow the journey and your reflections. You have so much theory and system knowledge now – and it will be great to see that rub up against the distance run of the unforgiving school term (to bastardise Kipling).


  3. Netsafe’s loss is WHS’s gain! Congrats – you will rock it! Not going to be easy all the time but relish the new challenges! Love that you so embrace change!


  4. Having headed back to the chalk face before you, I can say it was the best choice for me though the pace is certainly intense! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too.


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