Why be a Deputy Principal?

The experience of being a Deputy Principal is often shaped by the stories we hear, and the other leaders for whom we have worked. Many times, I have heard people talk about senior leadership as ‘them (not us)’ and ‘management’ in less than complimentary tones. There is a perception that once you enter such a […]

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Having a courageous conversation

It’s a scenario with which all Deputy Principals or school leads are familiar. A situation comes to your attention regarding a complaint and it lands on your desk for action. It may have passed through other layers of the school — but it’s now your responsibility to have what we might call a ‘courageous conversation’. […]

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Effective modern leadership

We all carry pictures in our minds of what we think great leaders look like. But how far do our actions reflect ‘what works’ or are we just winging it day by day? Perhaps you imagine a good leader as a firm but fair person, bestriding the corridors, or a new broom with a hundred […]

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Coaching — PD to transform leaders

When we think of coaching, sporting metaphors often spring to mind. We think of players being ‘coached from the sidelines’. They are supported by someone who is pushing them to do their best, sharing tips and advice. Coaches often stay with players for years, forming strong relationships and helping them grow as professionals. They meet […]

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Moving on …

After twelve years as a consultant, facilitator, project leader, director…., I am going back to school. At a time when it is common to hear of educators leaving the profession or moving out of school into other kinds of roles and careers, I’m heading upstream, back the other way. I’m excited to have been appointed to […]

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Keep the fear off the set

Do you remember the actor/director John Cusack? He of ‘High Fidelity’ and ‘Being John Malkovich’ fame?  I recently heard about ‘The John Cusack Rule’. When asked in an interview how he saw his role as film producer, he said his main job was, ”To keep the set free from fear.” This ‘rule’ was offered to […]

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