Moving on …

After twelve years as a consultant, facilitator, project leader, director…., I am going back to school. At a time when it is common to hear of educators leaving the profession or moving out of school into other kinds of roles and careers, I’m heading upstream, back the other way. I’m excited to have been appointed to […]

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Belonging starts in the brain

It’s not news that stories grab us emotionally and help anchor ideas in our minds more than lists of facts do. Anyone who has sat through interminable slides – or a powerful keynote – will know this. The ‘right brain’ movement has been around for a while and I enjoyed Daniel Pink’s A Whole New […]

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Connected learning | Making learning inclusive and meaningful

This is a quick share of a recent report on the ways in which technology can enhance learning that is: “socially embedded, interest-driven, and oriented toward educational, economic, or political opportunity.” The report – Connected Learning: An Agenda for Research and Design (Digital Media and Learning Research Hub) – sets out to explore ways in which technology can be […]

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#KiwiFoo 2013

My head is still scattered so, at this stage, thoughts on #KiwiFoo 2013 are best expressed by others (although I can just about stretch to a wee spot of curation)…..check out my Storify collection for a flavour of this rich unconference. Massive thanks and hat-tips to Nat Torkington, Janine Torkington, the hard-working crew, Mahurangi College, […]

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ULearn | You LEARN

I’m just coming down to earth (although not as fast as Baumgartner😉 after a week of frenetic networking, workshopping, breaking out and lapping up that is the annual ULearn conference. Although I should declare a vested interest in saying positive things about the event (being a CORE employee an’ all), there were a few aspects […]

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