ICT and learning: 5 myths – busted!

A recent conference I attended was a hotbed of exciting ideas, inspirational speakers and wonderful stories. Many of these focused on how to make the most of what technology can offer the learner. But whispered amongst the enthusiastic conversation and bubbling excitement, there lurked a handful of myths. Myths that need busting. MYTH 1: All […]

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Masters: Part 1: The boring bit

They all said it would be boring. They groaned and moaned and rolled their eyes. They sighed deeply. So I can’t say I wasn’t warned when I enrolled for a Research Methods paper this year. This is a compulsory precursor to completing a thesis, to complete my Masters. So, a necessary hoop (necessary evil?) through which […]

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Make social media WORK for you

8.30am, and according to the research, the 300+ audience of students should still have been asleep in bed. However, the 2011 Tech Hui saw hundreds of bright-eyed, keen folk turn up to Te Papa to hear a few of us, mostly old(er), folk share our thinking about all things technology. The annual Wellington event is […]

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Helping teachers use digital content

I have a looong list of reading to catch up on – but have started today with Gaffney’s (2010) Enhancing teachers’ take-up of digital content: factors and design principles in technology adoption. The vital importance of teacher development aligning with factors beyond themselves, such as school culture, government policy, availability of technology and so on, is […]

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Worth a thousand words…

I have blogged before about the power of visualisation as a way of capturing data – Ewan McIntosh had this as a key thread in his CORE Breakfast seminars in 2010. Here’s a great website for profiling different infographics [a graphic or image that represents information] that are out there: FlowingData | Data Visualization, Infographics, and […]

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What is it like to learn online?

Starved of human contact. Isolated. Lonely. I’ve heard people say that distance learning online – alone, in their pyjamas, talking aloud to their cat – made them feel cut off from their peers and not really part of the class. Having just finished two online papers, I thought I’d try and re-capture the experience, which […]

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