Ewan McIntosh: On being an entrepreneurial learner

Had the pleasure of hearing Ewan McIntosh address the Wellington Edu-crowd this morning, courtesy of Core Education. And I have tried to capture the key points that he made here – trialling Omnigraffle for myself at the same time (visualisation being, after all, a growing focus for digital literacy;-)).

In essence, the social web should – could – be driving education much more than at present. He offered a whole range of real-world examples to illustrate different types of ‘social’ collaboration, and drove towards his main point that learning should be entrepreneurial in approach: self-directed, outcomes-driven, peer collaboration and inquiry-based.

And with ‘entrepreneur’ in the New Zealand Curriculum being a term that has been open to discussion, this is a helpful lens through which to view it.

Links related to Ewan’s trip to NZ:

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