Trialling technology to grow writers

A recent Teacher-Only Day saw me invited to work alongside the teachers at Wellesley College. We were kickstarting inquiries into how we can best integrate technology into effective literacy practice:

The key points we explored included:

  • the way technologies can help us integrate contexts that are meaningful to the students into effective learning – and the vital importance of designing learning so it is inclusive (we used a combo of mobile technology and Flickr as an example);
  • the way curriculum, pedagogy and technology integrate, according to students’ needs;
  • the importance of getting started on a deliberate triala teacher inquiry – that is planned, implemented and reviewed in ways that fit with what each teacher believes is important for themselves and their students.

Huge thanks to the staff for inviting me to work with them – and best wishes for an exciting term 1.

One thought on “Trialling technology to grow writers

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