#ICOT2013 | International Conference on Thinking

ICOT 2013 logoNo two ways about it. It was a massive week at ICOT2013, not just because I was helping the CORE Education events team roll out this huge event. I was on the media team, and had the privilege of interviewing some of the invited presenters, included Dr. Sharon Friesen, Ewan McIntosh and  …(drumroll)… Dr Edward de Bono. I also presented the first tentative soundings from my Masters research into social networking online as part of teachers’ professional learning – and am grateful to those who attended and helped me kick the tyres on it:-)

Big ideas

I tried to keep track of the ‘big ideas’ emerging through the week. I couldn’t attend many breakouts but I made it to most keynotes – and if I had to produce a piece of ‘thinking knitting’ that reflected what kinds of thinking approaches would best prepare young people for a complex future, these would be the three main strands in the weft and warp:

  • Thinking processes and heuristics, in 2013, are firmly focused on helping participants make lateral, creative leaps, based on rich questions to which there is no easy answer. I’m thinking of….
    • De Bono’s exploration of provocative, “interesting” solutions and avoidance of the either/or dichotomy
  • Tap into those avenues that have real meaning and purpose for students. Help them pursue their passions, their projects – and if they can de designed to have impact on the community around them, so much the better. I’m thinking of….
    • Hana Olds, the young writer who uses her talents to support community projects
    • Kerry Spackman and Mai Chen, with their focus on social responsibility
  • Deliberately focus on making thinking processes visible, spotlighting pathways and working collaboratively to meet transparent goals. I’m thinking of…
  • Design learning environments that foster design thinking, rapid prototyping and creativity. I’m thinking of…
    • NZCER’s role-playing workshop on futures-thinking through science fiction and process dramatable in workshop

And all of this doesn’t include the wonderful Gala dinner, celebrating the retirement of Sherry Chrisp (CORE’s amazing events co-ordinator) – and of course, the amazing connections with old and new friends (you know who you are).

Bilbao #ICOT2015 – here I come;-)

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2 thoughts on “#ICOT2013 | International Conference on Thinking

  1. Great round up – gutted to have missed your session and looking forward to you releasing the whole research summary as know you’ve been working so hard on it!

    Would’ve been great to have the audio from your session as feeling the slides only communicate a glimmer of what was shared – next time 😉


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