#edchatnz | A breath of fresh air

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending, and keynoting, at the inaugural #edchatnz conference at Hobsonville Point Secondary School. Anyone following the trending tag in the Twitter stream would have had a taste of the excitement, the richness of the programme being offered, the breadth of the topics and the variety of approaches that, […]

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ULearn | You LEARN

I’m just coming down to earth (although not as fast as Baumgartner😉 after a week of frenetic networking, workshopping, breaking out and lapping up that is the annual ULearn conference. Although I should declare a vested interest in saying positive things about the event (being a CORE employee an’ all), there were a few aspects […]

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ICT and learning: 5 myths – busted!

A recent conference I attended was a hotbed of exciting ideas, inspirational speakers and wonderful stories. Many of these focused on how to make the most of what technology can offer the learner. But whispered amongst the enthusiastic conversation and bubbling excitement, there lurked a handful of myths. Myths that need busting. MYTH 1: All […]

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Make social media WORK for you

8.30am, and according to the research, the 300+ audience of students should still have been asleep in bed. However, the 2011 Tech Hui saw hundreds of bright-eyed, keen folk turn up to Te Papa to hear a few of us, mostly old(er), folk share our thinking about all things technology. The annual Wellington event is […]

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Absolutely Positively Proud

Saturday saw the inaugural #EduCampWelly, an unconference for Wellington educators to exchange ideas, share learning and pursue their passions for all things ‘e-learning’. Highlights of the day for me were (not necessarily in this order): The never-ending supply of coffee (thanks, @timoslimo and Emporio. Btw, they are not funding this blog;-) The wonderful mix of […]

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A merry un-conference to you!

“A very merry un-conference To you Who, me? To you Oh, me Let’s all congratulate us with another cup of tea A very merry unconference to you Now statistics prove, Prove that you’ve one conference Imagine just one conference every year Ah, but there are 364 unconferences! Precisely why we’re gathered here to cheer…” [with […]

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