Sebastian Thrun – Moonshot Thinking | ConnectAU15

Notes from @SebastianThrun‘s keynote:

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Google [X] projects

Working on Google [X] – we needed:

  • a huge problem
  • a radical solution
  • a breakthrough in technology

Only 1% of interesting things have been invented – Google may only be working with 0.1% of ways to improve people’s lives. For example:

  • Drones – with electric propulsion e can change the way we can leave the ground – Project Wing. The ease of transport, delivery of items, speed and reduced energy…
  • Project Loon – the cost of connectivity can be prohibitively large. How to connect everyone in the world?
  • Google Glass – this has been moved into a new phase. It could be a “second brain” sharing past/present with others so we can learn from each other.

Screenshot 2015-04-21 10.38.00

Moonshot thinking

Escape the limits of the past in a way that is logical and purposeful. What will be useful 50 years from now, can help open up thinking? Then take a 50 year horizon and do it in 2! The analogy of mountain climbing: you need a clear, shared vision; do the climb; trust the process; constant mistakes and false summits are still progress; no planning, just do it, step after step.


He advises NOT to communicate, especially with authority figures who might slow it down – stop talking and just do it. The more you share, the less pristine the project is is, the greater embarrassment it can be. Secret failure!

Human motivation

Better to have clear mission, freedom to go ahead

Launch, fail, learn, relaunch

A fast spiral cycle is much better than a perfection model. Launch, fail, apologise and learn.

The ‘DSWC’

His award for breaking the company! It means people are trying even if they are failing. Remove the culture of fear of trying.

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