Ten Trends 2014: Global connectedness

[Cross-posted from the CORE Education blog – here is my recent post for the Ten Trends series, published by CORE Education]

Nā tō rourou, nā taku rourou ka ora ai te iwi  |  With your food basket and my food basket the people will thrive

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 9.56.27 am

Most of us now have more opportunities to connect with others than ever before. Social networks, global branding and economic advancement, ease of travel and global communications – all accessed through a handheld device — characterise the world in which we live. I used to think that having a pen pal in Norway, to whom I wrote on delicate airmail paper, was the height of sophistication. Now I can talk to her face-to-face, share photos of our families, use Google Translate to write in Norwegian, even visit her town on Google Earth.

If you remember the world pre-Internet, it is truly something to be marvelled at. But it can also shock us; the now open, public nature of world events can harshly illustrate inequalities in living conditions, levels of prosperity and opportunities.

In this globally connected world, our challenge as educators is to prepare our learners to not only take advantage of all that this offers, but also to encourage them to question, investigate and act as global citizens…

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