#fuse14 | Hanging out, talking design

It was great, this morning, to be invited to join Grant Lichtman (check out his Learning Pond blog and his #fuse14 posts), Claire Amos, Steve Mouldey and Meghan Cureton (Director of Innovation at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School) for a shared discussion about design thinking methodologies in schools, in the US and here in NZ.

This was part of the third #fuse14 event in the US:

“In its third year, fuse is a two-day immersion in design thinking…and design doing. Fuse is a powerful experience created by Mount Vernon Presbyterian School and the Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation, leaders of design thinking in education. Using our DEEP methodology – Discover, Empathize, Experiment, Produce – we empower participants to build capacity in design thinking by engaging in design challenges with expert guidance and coaching.”

Check out the conversation…

We explored:

  • Examples of how Hobsonville Point Secondary are using design thinking to open up the inquiry process with students
  • The value of an empathic approach to problem solving
  • The need to balance innovative practice with shared understanding of learning outcomes
  • The opportunity that the NZ curriculum provides for an open, questioning design thinking approach to learning driven by real community problems and students’ own needs and strengths

Hopefully this will be the start of on-going links with the folk over in the US – and maybe even #fuse15 here in NZ 😉

Interested? More links to explore:

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