Emerging Leaders Summit | Design thinking

designI’m getting ready for my session at the Emerging Leaders’ Summit tomorrow [15-16 June 2013]. Using and adapting the fabulous design thinking resources developed at Stanford, I’ll be using an empathy-driven process to think about what learning spaces might look like.

If we are really interested in putting students’ – and teachers’ – strengths and needs at the heart of how we design curriculum, how do we seek to understand their views?

As a wee taster, I’ve been exploring this RSA Animate video – ‘the Power of Outrospection’ – that has brought Roman Krznaric’s writing to life to explain how we can help drive social change by stepping outside ourselves:

Really looking forward to the session where I’ll be working alongside some passionate school leaders to go mad with fast prototyping, stickies and colourful construction as we walk a mile in our students’ shoes.

Check out my previous post on student voice, too, that captures key ideas about meaningful engagement with the people in our schools who really matter..

[Image credit: CC guidosportaal]

4 thoughts on “Emerging Leaders Summit | Design thinking

  1. Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment, Helen:) Glad you enjoyed it, especially as it was the edge of the old comfort zone!:) Hope the rest of the weekend went really well for you.


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