Social media: Digital dialogue with DK

Yes, he’s a mate and a colleague….and so, having declared my interest, I’ll say, without feeling at all ‘promotional’ that the CORE breakfast session this Friday morning with DK on social media was spot on. Here’s why:

  • Social media was foregrounded in the bigger picture, the context of the development of the web, all the way from the O’Reilly’s brain through the ‘happy ugly’ of MySpace (great video from Ze Frank) to the exciting possibilities of today’s social web for both learners and teachers.
  • Great images: always more powerful to use a visual metaphor than a bunch of bullets.
  • Big, fat philosophy. Open, sharing, enthusiastic advocacy for the power of the collective. Social media as digital dialogue that can be efficiently managed so we can choose to hear our favourite signals amidst the noise.
  • Humour. Laughs. Wry self-deprecation.
  • Great collection of tweets all the way through…
More, please.

2 thoughts on “Social media: Digital dialogue with DK

  1. Thank you Karen – will give you that fiver when I see you – appreciate your support and blog post here… was a fun session and looking forward to doing more 🙂


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