Can social network sites support effective professional learning?

[Cross-posted from CORE Education’s blog] This blog post is based on my Masters of Education thesis, Online social networking and its impact on New Zealand educators’ professional learning. It informs the thinking behind this October’s Connected Educator Month 2014. The changing face of professional learning for educators Studies into effective school change and system-lift place professional development at […]

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I Facebook, therefore I…

Apparently, I am more likely to be female, over 35, trusting, politically active, to have close relationships, and more social support. Is it because I am friendly, sociable and gullible? 😉 Or it is because I am on Facebook? These are the assertions of a recent Pew Report – Social networking and our lives (Hampton, […]

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Make social media WORK for you

8.30am, and according to the research, the 300+ audience of students should still have been asleep in bed. However, the 2011 Tech Hui saw hundreds of bright-eyed, keen folk turn up to Te Papa to hear a few of us, mostly old(er), folk share our thinking about all things technology. The annual Wellington event is […]

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The Christchurch earthquake – and the tragedy unfolding in its wake – has stunned us all. But, in between the stories of bravery, local heroism and national response, there have been occasional moments where something has caught my attention because it is odd or unusual. For me, it was the moment in Parliament on Tuesday […]

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When your 13-year-old joins Facebook

Finally. I have found a great post that articulates really sensibly the role that a parent could – should? – take to support their child’s developing understanding and awareness of digital citizenship. I was struck by the way the author, Molly Baker, embraces the benefits, and takes a pragmatic approach to the potential challenges. She acknowledges […]

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