43 decisions: Setting your privacy settings on Facebook

43. That’s the number of decisions you potentially have to make when you review your Facebook privacy settings.

And even if you’re a ‘digital citizen’, who fully understands the implications of your choices, it’s still hard.

Many young people find it much harder – and that’s why they need the support of parents and teachers.

This privacy chart for teens is part of a Parents’ Guide to Facebook. It steps you through each decision that you make as you set up or review your settings. And A Parents’ Guide to Facebook can be downloaded here.

Reclaim Privacy logoAnd once you’ve done that, check your privacy using this guide from Comparitech (based on the now defunct Reclaim Privacy initiative).

Because any platform that asks you to make at least 43 decisions about what you want to share, and what you don’t, needs to be handled with care.

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