Unrequited love on Twitter: are they really worth it?

You on Twitter? Then you’ve been there…that moment when you realise that the person you’re following just doesn’t love you back.

I’m not talking about “I follow you, so you follow me” (which is just not how it works) but those people (and they’re usually super famous, in marketing, or celeb-types) that hardly follow anybody…but everyone follows them.

Find these people  (and they’re often the ones you find when you’re just starting out as a newbie-Tweeter:”Look who else is here!”) – and you have a dilemma.

Follow them – and be just a statistic, one of the herd? One of 1,174, 349 if you admire @stephenfry?  One of 5,770,814 if you adore @ladygaga?

Ignore them – and miss out on their ideas, erudite comments or the latest goss from LA (“summer has finally hit LA and I got a cold..WHAT????!!!!” gasps @mrskutcher)

Or, you can take the third way – and try to charm them with your own ideas, erufite comments and goss. Good luck with that.

I’m not for a moment suggesting that Stephen or Ms Gaga, are in that category (although I’m disappointed in Elmo). But I’m wondering (from my clearly ‘collaborative’ point of view) if someone is all about broadcast, are they worth following?

One thought on “Unrequited love on Twitter: are they really worth it?

  1. So true. I don’t follow any celebs. I did follow one, but he tweeted literally every minute of the day. So not interested.

    So follow me! I’m not a celeb – yet – and I might talk to you if you talk to me. 😉

    Or maybe this is the beginning of TwitterFail, when we realise the emperor has no clothes, and quietly do our own thing.

    Jonathan from Spritzophrenia


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