Kaboom 2: stop that essay!

My current Master’s opus has exploded.

…past 4000…surging past 5000..leaping the barrier of 7000…galloping on and over the hills towards mountainous double figures. Stop that essay! Woah there, analysis pony! Rein in the sweating steed of blah!

Hence the lack of recent blogging action.

Oh dear. Anyone who knows me will be unsurprised but succinctness has deserted me in favour of reams of exposition and commentary, natty looking graphs and erudite phraseology. Or it could just be waffle dressed up in its Sunday best.

And the subject? Principles and concepts of evaluation in a ‘live’ evaluation project (sorry – I’m even boring myself). It’s such a deeply flawed evaluand that those being evaluated need have no fear, but I guess I am hoping to stun them into submission by sheer -and literal – weight of words.

Only 5000 or so to cull. It ain’t gonna be a pretty picture and there’ll be blood on the Axminster by dusk. Still, I figure most of it can be Appendix A, and the rest will be in Arial Narrow size 10.

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