No Ordinary Son

It’s been an odd week. Four times, in response to hailing people with a breezy, “Happy New Year! Good Christmas?”, I have been told about the sad passing of a dear relative. (open mouth, change feet). And, of course, the national news has rather reflected this unfortunate procession of sorrows. A shame, in some ways, that the passing of Hone Tuwhare has been somewhat overshadowed by the death of Sir Ed in the mainstream media.

This clip – produced by Laka Rolls – takes us to Tuwhare’s house at Kaka Point in the deep south of the South Island and his astonishment (and joy) at hearing his words put to music by some of New Zealand’s finest contemporary musicians for Auckland Festival, AK07. (The album is “Tuwhare”, produced by Charlotte Yates, herself a musician and featured on the CD and in the show.)

Captures everything that was so great about the man, I think…enjoy.

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