How to create a great password

A simple but effective tip a friend shared the other day, based on advice from a cybersecurity event: Think of a line from your favourite song. For example, ‘love will tear us apart again’ (a particular favourite of mine from Joy Division – but not the one I chose;-) Add a punctuation mark e.g. ! […]

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Pedagogy, not technology

Interesting how, once you see a reference to an idea, it pops up everywhere. And although this work from Michael Fullan came out last year, it’s slid across my radar twice this week. Fullan’s paper – Choosing the wrong drivers for whole system reform (April, 2011) – highlights that policy makers who select the wrong […]

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How I personalised the PD

One-off keynotes or professional learning events are always an exciting challenge – such a short period of time and an unknown range of learning needs, expertise and interest in the room. Last week, I had the pleasure of working with 130 teachers from three schools in Auckland, two primary and one intermediate. It was a […]

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Managing BYOD at Albany Senior High | Notes from PoriruaNet

[This is cross-posted to/from the Enabling e-Learning: Leadership group] A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to the PoriruaNet Cluster conference, to facilitate a couple of workshops on Enabling e-Learning and blended professional learning for schools. It was great to see four schools coming together to explore the way they were using technology for learning – […]

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