Learning@School Roadshow | Inclusive, effective learning & networking

It’s been a pleasure to present at the Learning@School Roadshow this week.  My sessions have explored effective, inclusive learning design with digital technologies, and the value of strategic use of social networking to support inquiry.

Feel free to browse the resources that supported these sessions…

Connect your professional learning: How effective educators make the most of online social networks

Professional learning is evolving. Effective teachers are adaptive, pursuing their own inquiries using different channels that suit their learning. This session invited delegates to seize control of their own PD and harness the power of social networks like the Virtual Learning Network. This session offered a vision for future-focused professional learning, an overview of popular educator networks as well as considering some practical ways in which we can weave them into our inquiries.


Harness digital technologies to create inclusive programmes:  Weaving digital technologies and Universal Design for Learning

The exciting potential of digital technologies, particularly in a 1:1 or BYOD context, is the way in which multiple doors can open up for learners.  How do we embrace this opportunity? How to manage this challenge? This workshop offered an introduction to Universal Design for Learning and showed how it can provide a helpful way to think about integrating technologies effectively in curriculum programmes

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