Learner’s charter for personalised environments | FutureLab

Is personalised learning for all a pipe dream? Perhaps.Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 4.06.07 PM

A set of principles to aim for in the way we design learning? Why not?

This is a quick share of a resource I have been looking at again today:

>>>The Learner’s Charter for a personalised learning environment from FutureLab.

It outlines what a learner might rightfully expect in terms of choices, the way skills and knowledge are learned, the environments in which they work, and the kinds of feedback they receive. For example:

“As a learner, I expect to take joint responsibility for and be seen as an active agent in determining my own learning priorities.”

It was first developed in 2006 and I think it still stands up as a great document to come back to, to discuss and debate.

In this article from the same year, Towards a Personalised Educational Landscape, Peter Humphreys, (Chair, Personalised Education Now) writes:

Digital technologies need to take on a transformational role and not merely amplify existing scenarios. Schooling as we know it is too problematic and may not be the best place for investigation and new developments. Many educational thinkers have alluded to key ideas of learner-centric approaches; we have attempts to articulate these in a Declaration of Learners Rights and Responsibilities (Wondertree Foundation 1995) and in a Learner’s Charter for a Personalised Learning Environment (Futurelab 2005). These offer us positive direction.”

What do you think? All good, clean fun until some poor teacher collapses under the strain of planning? Or do-able across an entire system, given the right professional learning, leadership, and community involvement?


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