‘Let’s Transform Education’: A great discussion starter

4 thoughts on “‘Let’s Transform Education’: A great discussion starter

  1. “How does technology support effective pedagogy?” That’s my lead in with the team! Thanks so much for sharing this video, Karen! Have embedded it onto our google site with the following discussion starters…
    What is “effective” pedagogy?
    Where is the technology in our school?
    How do teachers use technology personally? Professionally?
    How might our children/community use technology personally? to support learning?
    I am looking forward to future focus of our school being pedagogy and blended learning – this is going to be a great lead in!


  2. Thanks for stopping by, Claire. So glad it was helpful – and your questions are good ones, too. This would be a useful thread to take into Enabling e-Learning in the VLN, too, methinks (so others can benefit from our thinking!:-)

    I might also add:
    What do teachers do now that is effective? How do they know?
    What do they need to change or develop? And why?
    How might technologies support that change?
    What will look different for them in 2012?

    Good luck with your work this year! 🙂


  3. An exciting year ahead and I am certainly working towards the answers of your questions but it is not about me rather the team and I believe you can’t bring the word “change” in until there is realisation that change is needed/ can happen/a possibility or, is of benefit ….
    I have set up a blogging bootcamp for our team in February thanks to the help of John Miller from California… I am now thinking the boot camp will be more of a challenge for the team as opposed to the kids but they are a young staff and am hoping that they see the relevance far quicker than I did…
    I would certainly love to see how others are leading change in their schools…


  4. You are totally right, Claire, the team is all, and change needs to come from within, as well as without. Giving people time to upskill themselves, and blog for their own work, will gibe them a valuable insight into what it might offer for students. Good luck!


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