Teachers on TV

Still mulling over the differentiation workshop (see Backwards Planning post previously), I have been exploring the videos available on teachers.tv.

You wouldn’t think that we teachers would make compelling TV, but perhaps we do for other teachers. The UK has a whole channel dedicated to teaching and all things educational (lucky things). And although it’s all aligned with the UK curriculum and education systems, there are some useful resources on the fully-searchable website for downloading here in NZ. [Years 7-9 = Keystage 3; Years 10-11=Keystage 4]

For example, the following video gives a neat 15′ introduction into differentiation, complete with examples from the classroom and commentary from Christine Harrison, education lecturer at King’s College, London.

Review of video :Excellent ideas about how to engage and involve students in learning while supporting their knowledge and skills. It’s great to see students in action. This will make more sense to teachers than just talking about it. (lazz04, 11/11/07).

And we all know how useful it is to watch someone else having a go before we try it ourselves, modelling being a powerful form of professional development (and much less risky than experimenting with our lively Year 10s on a Friday afternoon…)

Thank you for your comment. Much appreciated:-)

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