An insatiable public clamours for more….

Am becoming aware that blogging takes time, and time ain’t something that I have a lot of of (what a fabulously badly constructed sentence). Not so much time-poor as lying prone on the steps of the Time’s alms-house with begging bowl slipping from exhausted fingers….and that ol’ winged chariot shot by me in a cloud of dust some weeks ago [that’s one for you, Artichoke…:-)

Still, lack of time notwithstanding, my mind has been mulling a number of threads over recent days (and, boy, do I wish that some brain-hot-wiring could mean that it was “thought and done”..not that I am comparing blogging to offing a Scottish king…). There may be a lack of regular blogging happening here but it doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about you.

Watch this space….somewhere between the exams, the MEd lectures, the darling family, the rampant social life (hollow laugh), I shall indeed find a nano-second to post again.

Meanwhile, ponder this thought:

What aspects of buying your morning latte can be successfully transposed on to current teaching practices in English, or indeed, in schools generally?

Comments on a e-postcard, please..

Thank you for your comment. Much appreciated:-)

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