Foothills of the blogosphere…

Never has a decision been so tough. Clearly the name of one’s blog must say so much in so few words. Get it right and it will slip into the mind and wriggle in like a tick, something to recommend to others and recall at a moment’s notice. Get it wrong and, presumably, reader-less and rudder-less the hapless blogger rolls and pitches wildly in the waves of online info before bubbling under into the depths of defunct webpages and wrecked wikis. Or some other twisted and wrung-out-dry metaphor.

So. The Virtual Chalkface. Clearly denoting an educational bent, with connotations of sparkling digital relevance and, at the same time, a warm, late summer afternoon nostalgia [?] for classrooms of drifting motes, snoozing youngsters and the gentle drone of Shakespeare delivered in sonorous tones from the front. Thank goodness we can leave that particular picture in the past and hang on, instead, to the stuff from the chalkface which still keeps the kids awake, possibly even learning something.

But let’s be clear here. This is a place for musings from an interested teacher-cum-advisor at Victoria University. Thoughts, information, updates for the Wellington region’s English teachers and a general hub (one hopes) and one-stop shop for colleagues and lurkers alike.

Let the games begin….

5 thoughts on “Foothills of the blogosphere…

  1. I have weakness for metaphor Karen … this one reminds me of the Leunig cartoon of the solitary sailor bobbing in uncertain seasI reckon Leunig’s comments on the art of dogs is reassuring when thinking about with the art of edubloggers … the art of dogs receives very little attention or acclaim, except, of course from other dogs…. I liked the statement that Rex made on the lamp post ….. yes but I think his installation on the footpath was bolder and more memorable” from Leunig “You and Me”So may I comment in Leunig style … that I have enjoyed the sounds from your first posts …they promise something that might usefully bail up a cat and as a consequence I have added you to my bloglines and feevy accounts


  2. Hiya Karen – I have subscribed to your blog – it’s great to have contact with an Eng advisor.I have been trying to encourage blogging in my Dept – and have set up a dept. blog that 3 of us add to – it’s herewww.tuakauenglishdept.blogspot.comLook forward to hearing more of your great ideas and seeing more resources from out of Auckland.Alison


  3. Phil, Artichoke and Mrs C…So the research is true! Writing for an authentic audience feally HAS warmed the cockles of this weary heart.Cheers for the support…hope I can keep up this blistering pace (!) 🙂


  4. Ah, the relentless pressure on the blogger faced with an insatiable public.Seriously though Karen, you should post about this to the ICTs in English list and the NCEA Forum. There would be plenty of interest (and more pressure to write).


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