Got tech? Hear me roar!

It’s been a week or two of interesting stories related to school students harnessing social networks in order to make a point. We’ve had school speeches on the state of education and a plea for puffer jackets to name the most recent two. There has been reciprocal handwringing on the part of the press in response that has […]

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ICT and learning: 5 myths – busted!

A recent conference I attended was a hotbed of exciting ideas, inspirational speakers and wonderful stories. Many of these focused on how to make the most of what technology can offer the learner. But whispered amongst the enthusiastic conversation and bubbling excitement, there lurked a handful of myths. Myths that need busting. MYTH 1: All […]

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The customer is always right…..

I’m sure you’ve all been waiting with baited breath for the results of last post’s question… here is a convoluted response… Last week, I was sitting in Wellington airport, enjoying a quiet moment with a Fuel latte and taking advantage of the free Internet access (just joking, Wild at Heart). The taxi driver, on my […]

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