Keep the fear off the set

Do you remember the actor/director John Cusack? He of ‘High Fidelity’ and ‘Being John Malkovich’ fame?  I recently heard about ‘The John Cusack Rule’. When asked in an interview how he saw his role as film producer, he said his main job was, ”To keep the set free from fear.” This ‘rule’ was offered to […]

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Transforming our learners’ experiences

“Leaders that sustain their transformation always remember the reason for the journey: Transformation leads to new ways of helping families to self-sufficiency. Transformation increases capacity to help communities” (Oftelie, 2014). Talking about ‘transformation’ can feel rather esoteric, vague and resonant of a hundred other buzz words of the moment. That said, what’s important is to […]

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Networks to drive change | Knowledge Seminar with Anthony S. Bryk

Anthony S Bryk was a guest of the Ministry of Education and University of Auckland. This was a Knowledge Seminar held for the education sector in Wellington. HIs most recent publication: Learning to Improve: How America’s Schools Can Get Better at Getting Better Bryk began by highlighting the genius of randomization. When we isolate one factor and […]

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