BYOD: Build your own depth

Today I’m sharing a thought to conjure with. My recent presentations to schools have increasingly emphasised the inclusive nature of effective learning design. The importance of designing different pathways around the learners, those people, both students and teachers, who sit at the heart of how we think about learning programmes. Dimensions of effective teaching A recent […]

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Does BYOD really mean SYOD?

I’m about to tell you a secret but, as it’s just you and me, I’m sure you won’t tell. I hate sharing. There. I’ve said it. It doesn’t apply to every situation – I’ll happily share a story, cut you in on a good night out, split the bill, and pour us each a nice […]

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Managing BYOD at Albany Senior High | Notes from PoriruaNet

[This is cross-posted to/from the Enabling e-Learning: Leadership group] A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to the PoriruaNet Cluster conference, to facilitate a couple of workshops on Enabling e-Learning and blended professional learning for schools. It was great to see four schools coming together to explore the way they were using technology for learning – […]

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