IPad app: Barefoot World Atlas

New app this week just released in the iTunes app store, Barefoot World Atlas might seem steep at $10(NZ)+ – but if you don’t own a globe, and have children, this might be just the thing (that’s what I told myself anyway 😉 Key features include: Ambient music Full spinning 3D globe with animated sequences […]

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Give Duck Duck Go a go

I’ve been playing with the search engine Duck Duck Go this month. You seen it? Stripped down, minimalist, promising not to remember your search history, tailor its findings based on your previous searches, or target you with pesky advertising. The blurb about how it works – and why – is intriguing. Ever thought about livening […]

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How I organise my inbox

I receive, on average, 70-100 emails a day. This is not, in itself, a stunning fact. Many people receive more. But I thought I would share the way I manage this flow, in the first half hour of the day, for any other Type-A folk who are interested. Step 1: Make sure I have a […]

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Death by bullet (point)

“Students need to be effective oral, written and visual communicators” (revised NZC, English, p. 18) and “they recognise how choices of language, symbol and text affect people’s understanding” (Using Language, Symbols and Texts KC, p. 12) With so many of us using PowerPoint presentations these days, how can we make sure that they (and we!) […]

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