If it ain’t broke…

Ten years’ graft, a shed-load of hard work and an evolution of practice. English Online and ESOL Online have become two online institutions for teachers, both in NZ and internationally. The decision to award the contract to others has puzzled those of us who a regular users of the site. I have been amazed by how the sense of ownership that I and others have felt over the sites. They are not just repositories of valuable resources but a place to share ideas, ask for advice, provide students with authentic contexts for reading/writing. It’s our professional community. Long may this continue.

Hey, here’s a thought….if personalised learning is so important in education, surely a resounding endorsement for this paradigm might have been to acknowledge the importance of the community’s views with involvement in the decision-making process?

The ‘bouquets’ on the Forums say it all….

English Online is ALWAYS the first place I go to when I need info and the newsletter updates are so informative. Thanks to Phil for searching out all those cool articles. I have learnt so much from my colleagues over the last decade and now, am amazed when I met the odd (in all senses of the word) English teacher who doesn’t utilize the website. [Tania Roxburgh, 15/12/07]

I have to say I am gutted to read this news! Thank you so much to Phil and the team, you have been nothing but supportive, inspirational, innovative and awesome! [Claire Amos, 15/12/07]

You all deserve New Year Honours for the work you have so cheerfully done for NZ’s English teachers the last 10 years. I have relied heavily on your units, updates and reviews in my 6 years as a teacher. Furthermore, I have been proud to be a member of such a thinking and ahead-of-the-field body of people. Thank you so much. You will be an intimidating act for someone to follow! [Dayll McCahon, 14/12/07]

Kia ora English on line team ,
Kia ora English online team,
REALLY sad to hear this news! I think English online is such a fantastic resource ( one of the best!) and has supported so many
teachers and students over the years not only in English but in other
curirculum areas as well. I can’t imagine others doing it better!
THANK you .[
Alice Heather, 14/12/07]

Thanks to the Online team.

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